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Hundreds of features models
Model information
Direct links to porn sites
Search functions


Nothing exclusive
Links open new tabs
Browser threat detected on some linked sites

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The Best PornStar DB is a database of porn stars, but it’s not simply a directory of who’s available for work. You won't find details of agents and bookings here, it’s basically a way of advertising sign-ups to established porn sites. It does that by introducing you to the stars who appear in porn. So, you find a girl you like the look of, check out her model info and pics. Then, when you click a pic, you're taken to the site that the image came from. Some of these sites no longer exist, though, and some links lead to empty pages. (Not many, but then I didn’t try all of them, because there are thousands.) What you do after following the link is up to you, but the idea is you use the database to find your girl, then sign up to the sites she appears in. The content you see along the way is free, and it often comes with some background information and stats about the models.


Using these pages might take a little getting used to, as there’s no apparent conformity. Some links open a new tab while others open the next page in the same window. Some model pics lead straight to a third-party sponsor site, while others link to the girl’s bio and model page. Some links don't lead to anything, or they take you to error pages, and I guess that’s because the database is so large and has been running for so long, whoever’s behind it can't keep up with all the changes. If you excuse that, though, you find an excellent resource that opens your eyes to all kinds of sites and girls you may not have thought of finding. You can search the whole thing by model name and other keywords, the links/samples are arranged in categories, and you'll find extra info such as lists of free porn sites.

Content & Updates

Think of your favourite porn star and you will find her here. Best PornStar Database covers thousands of models who appear on thousands of sites. A good way to see who’s hot is to check the ‘recently viewed’ list. There, I found guys were searching out Alexa May, Adriana Malkova, and busty Jordan Carver, and when I explored further, I found lists of the top searches and also who was new to the database. You'll be stunned at the number of girls who work in porn and how many you’ve not been introduced to before. What’s more, the database often gives you some background info about them, though it’s often only stats. What it also does well is list the content links by category and these include Big Tits, Asians, Latina, Euro, Blondes, Milfs, Huge Tits and Glamour. The sample shots you see (the thumbnails), offer you solo pcs, hardcore, clothed shots and nude ones. In other words, the content here is very varied, and it’s kept up to date with regular updates.

Our Verdict

Best PornStar DB is there to help you find glamorous models in top porn sites, and it serves to give you some info, pics and then direct links to the sites where you can sign-up to see more. Yes, it’s advertising, publicising and selling, but it’s a great resource if you're actually looking for porn site recommendations, rather than free porn. Mind you, it lists free porn sites too. Sometimes it falls down because older links are broken or advertised sites no longer operate, but mainly, it works well, and the advertising doesn’t get in the way of your searching. Use it as a way to find new and exciting porn, but expect some clunks along the way.

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