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A large listing of porn stars
Interesting information
Handy links
Photos, GIFs and porn videos


Requires Reddit registration
Linked-to sites and pages vary in content

#7 in Pornstar#15 in Sub Reddits


Reddit is the place to go when you want to discuss… anything. It’s Hot Porn Star threads are many, and no matter who your favourite porn babe happens to be, the chances are there’s a thread about her in the list somewhere. Thanks to the way it is set up, the community hub is easy to navigate and search, and if you don't see who you want to see, you can always start your own thread. Got a question? Someone on the site will know the answer. Have something to share? Reddit Hot Porn Stars is the place to share it, and while you're there, you’ll meet other like-minded porn lovers.


Click through with our link, and you’ll come to the log-in page first. If you don't have an account already, you can register for free, or sign in with your Google or other online account details. Either way, getting past the age-restriction entry is simple enough. Then, you will be asked if you are sure you want to see NSW content, and, assuming you do, you simply click yes. After this, you are onto the Reddit Hot Porn Star listing page, and you'll see a long list of star names, how many comments have already been made, and that star’s movement in the rankings. Also to hand are ways to comment, share, save and hide posts. You can also report any issues, give an award for the thread and create a cross-post. Clicking on the title of a thread, you come to a variety of pages. Sometimes it’s a simple photo gallery with free pics of the porn star, other times it’s a link to a fuller page with discussions, and sometimes, you find RedGifs, the gif collection. Returning to the main headings page is via your back button, so navigation is simple enough.

Content & Updates

Reddit’s Porn Star section is for adults only; that’s the first thing you see at the top of the page. Then, they list the hottest porn girls by ranking, and this is constantly changing depending on what users say and do. If your favoured girl is a name in porn, the chances are she is here. Paige Owens, La Serina, Kendra Lust, Adalind Gray, April Olsen and Kelsi Monroe were top of the listings when I called in. The list of chats and stars is spread over several pages, and if I had a criticism of this part of Reddit, it would be that you can only jump ahead one page at a time; you don't see Page 1, Page 2 and >> to the last page, for example, simply ‘Prev’ and ‘Next.’ However, there is a search box, so you can hunt down the girls you want to talk about by searching for them by name.

Our Verdict

With over 264,389 readers, Reddit hot Porn Stars has got to be one of the largest threads on the site, so no matter who you want to see more of, chat about or comment on, you're bound to find her here. Along the way, you will find some free porn, but it’s mainly about discussion rather than getting off with new pics and videos you've not seen before, though you can do that too. Register, sign in and get chatting about the best talent in the adult world, and you’ll find yourself among porn friends sharing thoughts, information and links.

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