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100% free and fun blog
Eclectic mix of content
NSFW content included
Regular new posts


Sign up link not currently working

#1 in Adult Comics#9 in Blogs


Now and then you come across an online place that you simply have to stay at, read, fall into, and go back to, and Joy Reactor is one of them. If you're browsing around, not sure what you want to look at, then this free-use blog is an excellent place to visit. You’ll find yourself staying for hours, checking out the wide range of content it offers. The category list includes Anime, NSFW pics, videos, and many other non-porn subjects, with the main theme of ‘fun’, rather than fumbling in your pants. Yes, there are some great nude shots to be found, and as anyone can post anything, you can expect to find more, but it’s mainly about making you smile, and many of the jokes, comics and gifs do that.


You will easily find your way home thanks to the top link, and then, there is a main menu to take you to the main blog, discussions, people and an about page. You’re able to search for other members, and you can use a range of search functions to find categories and specifics. As users can add their own tags, you should expect to find many and varied headings, from ‘Asian erotic’ to ‘banana’, and from ‘nude’, ‘shaved’ and ‘boobs’ to ‘funny pictures’. The pages also carry lists of top users. There are ways to share posts to your social media, and a visual category list. The only issue I came across at Joy Reactor was the sign-up. You're meant to be able to join in after registering, but the registration page wasn't available. Maybe the guys behind the free site were on vacation and didn't want to deal with new registrations, or maybe Joy Reactor has stopped accepting newbies. Never mind, there’s still plenty to see.

Content & Updates

Checking the main blog, I found the most recent post had been added only hours before my visit and the site was keeping itself right up to date. You’ll regularly find something new at Joy Reactor, though it might be a funny can video one day and a shaved, Asian pussy the next. If you're up for a laugh, then there’s a fun theme running throughout (apart from the porn stuff which is treated seriously), and there's an area called the Abyss, which seems to me to be the place for groan-jokes, dad jokes and other odd but entertaining posts. There are 12 main categories at Joy Reactor, and I've mentioned some of them above, but there is also a page of ‘all tags’ and looking at the hundreds of tags over several pages, you can see how diverse the blog/site is. If in doubt, use the search engine and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Our Verdict

Joy Reactor is quirky, a mix of jokes, gifs, anime, odd videos, strange comments and a little bit of porn, but what it always is, is 100% free and unique. There may be an issue with registrations right now, but keep and eye on that, and while you wait to be able to register, you can browse hundreds of fun posts. Get off with naked Asian girls, find a little hardcore porn, check out the latest cat videos, funny gifs and comics, and let your mind be boggled by the bonkers fun to be had at Joy Reactor.

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