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If you're into cosplay, whether as one who dresses, or one who simply likes to watch, then you're going to like NSFW Cosplay the sub-reddit at Reddit. Register at Reddit for free, and head to this NSFW Cosplay thread, and you will find hundreds of models with gifs and pics, ready to answer questions, take comments, and share their pics, sometimes videos. You can browse as a voyeur, or you can join in. It’s up to you how far you go, but the idea is that it’s a community page, so the more you join in, the more you will get out of it. What’s also handy is the way people share ideas of cosplay sites to view, movies and other links.


The basic setup is like most other Reddit pages. You have a list of small avatars and titles, the submit date, and links to comments, share, save, hide, give an award, or report a problem. Clicking a title or avatar brings you more content. Sometimes this is a simple photo on its own page, other times it appears like a profile, with the pics and lots of text, interactive options, and even short video or gif. So, the features are many and varied. The site also contains adverts, but these tend to stay to the sides of pages and don't get in your way.

NSFW Cosplay at Reddit is about girls sharing their cosplay fantasies according to a set of rules: They must also be porn pics.

Content & Updates

There are thousands of threads in this sub-reddit already, and the more recent ones had been added only a few hours before my visit. This shows it’s an active and well-used resource for everyone into cosplay porn. As I was there around Christmas time, there were plenty of naughty elves, pixies and other seasonal characters, but there are also many girls dressing up as your cosplay favourites. A random selection would include girls from Street Fighter, Pokémon, League of Legends, Super Mario Bros and Scooby-Doo. The content is mainly gifs and photos, but now and then, you will find a video. The main thrust, after the cosplay pics, is the discussion, and you can join in as many of the thousands of threads as you want. If you want to contribute pics, you must get yourself registered and verified, and that means, you're only going to meet others who are 100% into the cosplay porn scene.

Our Verdict

NSFW Cosplay at Reddit is a great place to go to find original cosplay pics and gifs, but it’s not so hot on videos. It is, though, a place where only those who are totally into the cosplay scene are allowed to post, though anyone can comment. The rules are pretty strict, and make it clear the images have to show off some sexy parts, boobs must be displayed, and pussies, too, so it sticks to its guns when promising porn cosplay. There are even some hardcore vids and pics to check out. Mostly, you're looking at girls willing to show themselves off in costumes, and you're encouraged to join in with comments.

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