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A fun place to meet
Serious cum-fun followers
Many discussions
More or less anything goes


Not all posts have pics

#3 in Cumshot#49 in Sub Reddits


Oh Cum On is a nice play on words for a thread on Reddit that’s all about playing with your love truncheon and dumping your juice. The theme here is, ‘Where can I cum next?’ and the answers to that question might surprise you. Guys ask it, others simply write up challenges and these are varied, wild and also strangely sexy. You don't have to be an exhibitionist to join in, because not everyone posts pics of where they’ve shot their load, but some do. So, if you’re up for pics of guys cumming in their own mouths, inside rubbers, in underwear, over electric guitars, shoes, dildos or houseplants, that you’ve hit the jackpot with this ‘anyone 18 + can join the cum fun’ party of like-minded guys.


Like all Reddit pages, posts, groups, boards and threads, the page you land on is mainly about text. Each thread has a title that stands out, making them easy to read. Many of these at Oh Cum On are labelled as ‘Challenge’ because guys are challenging you to cum somewhere unusual. Then, you have other guys’ comments which expand when clicked, and there’s space to write your own, of course. The page also has a running tab to take you to what’s new, hot, controversial and rising, and you can share, hide, award or report threads too. If there’s a photo or a RedGif attached to the thread, you'll see a thumbnail, and if you're not sure of the rules, then these are to one side and clear. The overall Reddit pages then take you to your profile, or to where you can register for free, you can change your viewing preferences, and there is a very top menu of other topics that you might want to try out. It's a community board and set up to be easy to use, which it is.

Content & Updates

Here’s where the fun starts. How many zany places can you think of to download your baby batter? How about some of these from Oh Cum On users: Cum in your underwear. (Okay, so a bit tame, but things get better.) Cum on a dildo and stick it in your ass. Cum on a face mask. Cum on your gaming console, shoes, a neighbour’s front door, in a sock (and wear it), and on and on go the ideas. If a guy posts something like ‘I’m 19, give me challenges to do at the gym,’ others will come up with ideas about cumming in the urinals, or over another guy’s gym clothes. You get the picture? It’s fun, although most of the guys here are serious, and it’s a great community of people all thinking the same way and willing to try the same thing, and share their experiences. It's also popular and updates come in all the time.

Our Verdict

You don't have to be a cum-fun, cum-dump specialist to want to hang around at Oh Cum On at Reddit. It’s fun to read and gives you an eye-opening insight into where some guys like to jerk off and download. If cumming in unusual places is your fetish, then you've made out like a bandit with this long set of threads, and you’ll find plenty of guys to hang with who have the same fetish, and who want to challenge, and chat. Not all provide pics as proof of their endeavours, but everyone’s chatting in the spirit of the site, making it a great place to hang out, have your mind boggled perhaps, but also to see how far a guy will go to get off – and where.

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