Ov Guide Review

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A large set of listings
Available in three languages
Top 100 lists


Appears to be out of date

#7 in Search Engines


Looking at OV Guide was a little like being a detective. On one hand, it seemed to be an interesting and useful place to go to find news, updates, background info and other titbits of gossip, and it is certainly very well laid out. However, when I started to explore, I got a nasty shock because the top news story was Trump’s inauguration. Further investigation showed the news feed hadn’t been updated since 2018. So, why did I keep looking? Mainly because it was an intriguing place to explore, with a wide collection of categories, mainly to do with entertainment and sport, and the experience was fascinating and useful. OV Guide lists some ideas for vacation destinations, for example, and articles about… well, just about anything. When you want some time out for porn, then the OV Guide is a bit like taking a trip to the museum.


The OV guide has a few noteworthy features along with its listings. Primarily, it serves to give you news on videos and movies, though these were from 2018, and they were not porn. In fact, there was no porn listing, no free porn and no links to porn sites. However, they did have a Top 100 page, a video blog and even a radio plugin. The listings cover travel, health, fitness, wine, food, music, entertainment, sports and TV. These, when clicked, take you to short articles by way of a subject’s intro, and then simple listings to various sites of interest. For example, Gaming takes you to a list of 193 suggested other sites to then go and explore. OV Guide appears to be an Asian site, because of the three languages available, one is English (default) and then you have two Asian languages to translate the pages into.

Content & Updates

As mentioned, there are various categories here, and they all revolve around entertainment of some sort, from sport to being a couch potato and watching TV. The main headlines and news, plus the short subject articles, may not be up to date, but the links the listings point to seem to be. So, even though the site was talking about a movie released four years ago, it still held links to movie sites of interest today. Like I said, it’s not a free porn site, but there are links to other entertainment for adults, such as gaming, travel, food and drink. At the end of the rather short day, it’s a good collection of other ideas and other places to visit that you might not have otherwise found.

Our Verdict

The OV Guide gets a kind of semi-thumbs up from me because it no longer appears to be updating. However, the reason I liked it was because there were a lot of suggestions for online places I’d not otherwise think of visiting. So, if you’re taking time off from porn and want to think about other movies, images, sites and ideas of things to do while you're resting your right hand, then the OV guide is a fascinating place to browse.

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