Wtf People Review

Wtf People ScreencapWtf People


Extensive collection of free clips
Lots of blog posts
Handy resource links
Daily updates


Not full videos
Mainly links to 3rd party content

#10 in Blogs


WTF People is a free resource for all things porn. It’s a list of blog posts and links spread over 1,460 pages dating back to 2004, with the most recent posts shown first, and a numbering system so you can easily navigate. Many of the original posts no longer link to active sites, it’s that old, but recent ones give you an eclectic mix of subjects, and a list of tags lets you find them without having to trawl. There has been a leaning towards sex in recent months, and a videos page lists all the posts where you can find free video clips. These are embedded into the posts, though they will go to full-screen size, the quality is varied, and the posts lead you to premium sites and other places where you can find even more porn. It’s very easy to spend hours at this free blog, making it a fascinating and horny place to bookmark and follow.


The main features of WTF People are the blog and the videos list. The other menu items lead you off to 3rd party sites, which is basically what the site does. It gives you ideas of other porn places to visit, and it has its own porn directory. As well as a search engine for keywords, it holds a list of ‘special friends’, some of the membership sites it promotes, and a list of tag words that help you filter WTF People itself. A righthand column gives you links to the blog’s sponsors (sites it advertises and recommends), and a list of the latest posts. The posts themselves are set out with embedded videos and links, the texts are easy enough to read, and are posted with dates. Simple, on-point, and clearly well looked after, it holds masses of information and ideas.

Content & Updates

With more than 1,400 pages, each one holding 40 posts, you are looking at more than 56,000 porn-related posts dating from 2004 to the present day. When I visited, there had been several posts made the day before, and several the day before that, so you're not looking at a once-a-day or once-a-week blog here, but a frequently-added-to one, with information and links that are up to date, as well as many that are no longer relevant or working. New videos are also added regularly, though these are clips and not always wonderful quality, but there are choices for playback resolution up to 1080p HD. They come from various sponsors, have some info with them, and, of course, they are there to tempt you to visit the parent site and sign up, thereby earning WTF Blog a little money. That’s fine, because without it, this blog would not be free.

Our Verdict

WTF People is a great resource for all things porn, with thousands of blog posts giving you thousands of video clips and ideas of porn sites to visit that you might not otherwise have found. It has an old-fashioned look to it, but everything works just fine, and it is easy to use. It is also updated every day with new porn clips and ideas, it has a sensible navigation layout and it is 100% free to use. From sex tapes to a listings page, and from sexy games to gossip, you can wile away hours at WTF People while you discover new and exciting sex sites.

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