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Direct video download
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Limited HD videos
Many adverts
Rating: 90.0

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Is XHamster a Good Site for Free Porn?

XHamster is one of the best sites for free porn for many reasons. For a start, it has been online for many years and so has a huge stock of videos; too many to count, to be honest, but apparently, users upload an average of 7,000 new clips and full scenes every day. Some of these are homemade porn, so you have genuine voyeur and amateur porn, and others are from porn studios, so you have premium porn content without having to pay. Admittedly, some are clips or edited videos and cut out at the cum shots, but others give you a full deal. Not only that, but XHamster has a thing for quality, and you're able to watch HD videos, download high-res images, and see thousands of porn models.

Is XHamster a Popular Free Porn Tube?

When I called there to register, I was told there were over 60,000,000 users already subscribed. Finding a unique username might be an issue! Actually, not, because the site will generate one for you, though I got ‘ChubbyFace40’ or something not entirely flattering. (You can change it.) The point is, it’s a vastly popular site because it is populated by millions of porn clips and videos, pics and amateurs, professionals and newbies, and it’s 100% free. Here are a few more details about the free sex movies you find at XHamster:

  • Number of subscribers: Over 60,388,512.
  • Number of videos: Millions.
  • Average length: From one minute to full-length.
  • Video quality: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p (4K HD)
  • Play in-screen: No.
  • Number of photos: Millions.
  • Can you upload your own content? Yes, once registered and verified.
  • Can you subscribe to members’ channels? Yes.

What are the Main Free Porn Categories at XHamster?

Like any good tube site, XHamster is diverse. You have straight porn, gay and trans porn, though if you sign up through the gay section, for example, your account tends to default to that section. There’s a small icon beside the site title, top left, where you can change from straight to gay to trans content only. Within each one is a range of porn niches that cover everything from Asian to Uniform, and from Big Tits to Vintage. Whatever you lust for, you will find it at XHamster with its massive selection of free sex tapes and pics, and the category lists make it easy to search, filter, and find just about every kind of porn.

  • Straight: Yes.
  • Gay: Yes.
  • Transgender: Yes.
  • Number of categories: Over 60.
  • Popular categories include: Mature, Anal, Old & Young, Teen, Vintage, Porn for Women, Deep Throat, Fetish, Pissing, Massage, Up Skirt.
  • Category search: Yes.
  • Filters: Age, Ethnicity, Appearance, Hair, Number of people, Clothes, Scenario, Production.
  • Country/region search: Yes, in the main categories listing. Lots of countries.
  • Language search: Yes. XHamster can be viewed in several languages.
  • Keyword search: Yes.
  • Trending tags: Yes.

Is it Easy to Watch Free Porn at XHamster?

It’s as easy as ABC to watch the free sex at XHamster. A, you head to the site, B, you find a video from the thumbnails on the index pages, and C, you click the streaming player to view the porn. You will find adverts, and sometimes you have to wait up to eight seconds before your video starts, but you can subscribe with NFTs to get rid of those adverts. Also, you can only stream unless you become a premium member.

  • Can you filter homemade from professional porn? Yes.
  • Select length of movie: Yes.
  • Category sub lists: Yes.
  • Pre-playback adverts: Yes, up to eight seconds.
  • Pop-up adverts: Yes, unless you subscribe.
  • Resolution settings: Yes.
  • Playback speed settings: Yes.
  • Skip through streams: Yes.
  • Volume control: Yes.
  • Full screen mode: Yes.
  • Upload date: Yes.
  • Number of views: Yes.
  • Number of likes: Yes.
  • Add to favourites: Yes.
  • Comments: Yes.

Does XHamster have Interactive Features?

XHamster features all the necessary tools to make viewing and sharing porn easy. As well as the interactive features of comments, rates and social media shares, it also has excellent filters and search and find option. There is plenty of information about users on their profiles, and about models and contributors. Think of a porn site feature, and you will find it on XHamster. Here are some more details.


  • Trending/popular searches: Yes.
  • Trending porn stars: Yes, in the Pornstars section.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Hottest: Yes.
  • Most viewed: Yes.
  • Top rated: Yes.
  • Popular amateur/homemade: Yes.
  • Playlists: No.
  • Channels: Yes.
  • Random select: No.
  • Newest: yes.
  • Viewers’ choice: Top rated videos and Best Creators list.

Other Features

  • VIP upgrade: Yes, see below.
  • Change layout options: Day/Night option (light or dark theme).
  • Social media linking: Yes.
  • FAQ page: Yes.
  • Online support: Yes.
  • Clear terms and conditions: Yes.
  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • DMCA: Yes.
  • 2257: Yes.
  • Official merchandise/shop: No.

Live cams & advertising

XHamster advertises live cams and sometimes these adverts appear as though they are thumbnails in the main content pages. You will see many adverts for ‘Live Now’, and options where you can click over to a cam site and chat with that model. XHamster also promotes premium sites in banner adverts, and these link to the sites in new tabs. When first using the site, you might find a new tab opens with XHamster, leaving behind another site, and now and then, you find pop-up adverts. The way to be rid of these is by NFTs.

Does XHamster feature porn stars?

XHamster features well-known porn stars, amateur girls and guys, and even some amateurs who, because of their content on XHamster, went on to become porn stars. There’s a pornstar section listing the top models by country and in various other ways, and you can arrange them by popularity, what kind of porn they appear in, and whether they have 4K porn or VR porn. You can also subscribe to their channels. Among the top names trending right now are Abella Danger, Dani Daniels, Natasha Nice, and Brandi Love. In the gay section, you will find Roman Todd, Austin Wolf, Austin Young, Devin Franco and Joey Mills at the top of the fans’ favourite list. There are also lists of celebrities.

Is XHamster a Community Site?

What are the community elements and member benefits of XHamster, and how much can you get involved? That depends entirely on you and how much you want to be involved. You can view the site, use it to stream millions of porn vids, and then go away. Or, you can set up your own profile, be as detailed as you want, and then share that profile around. You can upload your own content, comment on other users’ content, and became part of the paid membership to get even more interactive and community involvement. The site carries news pages and details of content creators, and if you register, verify yourself and upload, you can join in the viewshare revenue scheme and make money from XHamster. Here are a few more details.

  • Estimated number of members: Over 60 million.
  • Model contests: Yes.
  • Top members: yes.
  • Newest couples: Yes.
  • Newest girls: Yes.
  • Newest guys: Yes.
  • Popular verified models: Yes.
  • Can you see who’s online? No.
  • Can you search for members? Yes.

Is XHamster Really Free to Join?

Yes, but to get the most out of it, you need to be a paid-up member. Registration is free, as is the verification process, but you can only stream movies and you will suffer from the advertising, which can be frustrating. However, subscribe and pay up, and the adverts go, you get more porn, and loads more benefits.


  • Free: Yes.
  • Username: Yes.
  • Password: Yes.
  • Valid email address: Yes.
  • Validate email address to be fully registered: Yes.
  • Signup with Twitter: Yes.
  • Signup with Google: Yes.

Once registered

  • Create profile: Yes.
  • Messaging: Comments.
  • Notifications: Yes.
  • My videos: Yes.
  • My favourites: Yes.
  • My playlists: No.
  • My photos: Yes.
  • Upload your content: Once verified.


  • Detailed profile: Yes.
  • Security: Good.
  • Account preferences: No.
  • Block list: No.
  • Delete account: Yes, easy.
  • Get Verified: Yes, easy.

How Much is the XHamster Full Membership?

If you become an XHamster NFT holder and upgrade your account, you get a host of extra benefits. There are three tiers: Original, 8,000 NFTs. Epic, 1,500 NFTs, and Legendary, 500 NFTs. NFTs are bought through Opensea, and prices/value varies.

The Befits Include

  • Remove adverts.
  • Access stickers in comments.
  • Highlight your profile.
  • Get additional perks from partner sites.

For full details, see: XHamster NFT

Our Impression of XHamster.

XHamster remains one of our favourite porn tube sites for many reasons. Users can create detailed profiles, upload videos and photos and make money from the site. Or, you can simply browse and stream. Buy into the subscription scheme and you can remove the many adverts and enjoy a clean set of pages that are packed with millions of porn videos and clips, images and information. You can become part of a highly active community, or remain a voyeur, but best of all, you can enjoy hours of free porn in hundreds of niches, and view premium content at no cost.

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