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What makes a great erotic story website?

In two simple words: quantity and quality. The best erotic story websites all have a great mix of content you want to read and plenty of it, too. When picking out sites to add to our list, we've done our best to only consider places that know how to attract great writers and won't have you finishing up their entire library within a day. Additionally, destinations that have a variety of content get a good general score: we just love the fact that people who're interested in lesbians, MILFs, teens, aliens, fantasy and babysitter erotica can always get what they want on these sites. Variety is the spice of life and that's no more evident than when it comes to reading the best XXX stories online in 2023.

Are these stories free to read?

At this moment in time, yes: we haven't featured any destinations that require a payment in order to visit. Since there are so many free destinations to read porn stories, we felt that including paid locations that don't have better material aren't worth sharing. Porn Guide is all about giving you the best bang for your buck, and no cost benefit analysis works out quite as good as getting what you want for free! You'll find thousands of incredibly good X-rated erotica writings here and we think you're going to love them from the minute you visit all of these sites. We'd like to thank you for trusting Porn Guide to bring you the very best in XXX text: remember to bookmark us so you can always find these top erotic story sites in future!

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Literotica is your online resource for free erotic stories. Anyone over 18 can check the site with no need to register, but when you do sign up (for free) you can post your own erotica, and the site now takes stories, artwork and poems. There are thousands of free-to-read shorts here, some with illustrations, and although the initial pages might look very old fashioned, individual story pages are neatly set out, making the sex stories easy to read.

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2.Lush StoriesVisit

Lush Stories is all about sexually explicit erotica, with over 60 genres and thousands of stories. Anyone can register for free, read the stories and submit their own, but there’s now more to the site than the written word. Members can access erotica and porn galleries, videos, a forum, a chat room and other excellent services. However, what you’re really here for is the storytelling, and that’s no-holes-barred, full-on porn writing at one end of the spectrum, and soft, romantic erotica at the other. There’s something for everyone and it’s 100% free.

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A freely-accessible archive of tens of thousands of sexually-explicit erotic stories involving alternative sexualities (queer, gay male, lesbian, bisexual, and trans).

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4.Mc StoriesVisit

Erotic mind control story archive.

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5.Gone Wild StoriesVisit

Porn Story reddit site.

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6.Sexy StoriesVisit

Anyone can publish their erotic memoirs on the Sexy Stories pages at Reddit. This free resource offers you the chance to publish your fantasies, post your sex memoirs, or your erotic and sexy stories and, it seems, just about anything is acceptable. If you're not a writer, then you can be a reader, and it costs you nothing to read what others have written. Whether you use it as a discussion board, or simply a library, it’s up to you, but either way, you have thousands of free erotic sex stories to get off with.

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