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Great voting feature
Regular updates
Real story focused


Small archive
No niche sorting

#5 in Erotic Story#37 in Sub Reddits

If you haven't heard of Reddit then honestly, I'm quite surprised. This place is a user-curated platform where people submit and vote on content that they enjoyed, with material presented before you based on how good it is (as decided by the users of each subreddit). Today, we're looking at the Gone Wild Stories subreddit, where people share their past X-rated exploits and tell people just how naughty they've been in the past. Note that Gone Wild Stories is predicated on the idea of all stories being true – fiction isn't allowed, so content that seems fake is either verified by the mods to some degree or removed.

Gone Wild Stories hit 200,000 subscribers when I was writing this review, making it quite a large community. That said, only around 10 new submissions are made every day – those that are upvoted the most are typically from girls, although male-focused material is also upvoted from time to time. I highly recommend people browse the ""top"" section of the Gone Wild Stories subreddit – it lets you see what submissions here have been considered the absolute best of the best.

The main selling point of this community is that it's all supposed to be true content and naturally, amateur in nature. Themes are typically vanilla, but some taboo stuff like cheating and public exhibitionism is shared every so often. It's never going to be able to compete with the likes of the big erotic story archives out there when it comes to writing quality or material length, but if you're all about the real deal, then consider chucking a subscribe and visiting every week or so to see what's new and good.

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