Adult Friend Finder Review

Adult Friend Finder ScreencapAdult Friend Finder


A Huge Community Site
Millions of connections
Location Search
Photos and videos


Loads of Adverts
Not all Profiles are Real
The Free Version is Limited
Some Page Redirects
Rating: 90.0

#1 in Dating

What is Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest and most popular dating sites on the net. After 25 years online, it promises to give you millions of hook-up opportunities. Because it is worldwide, your location plays an integral part, and once signed up, you can search to see who's nearby and hot to trot. The free service is limited, and only when you are a paying member can you really get into the details. As a dating site, it caters for just about everyone, and its main aim is to put like-minded folks together, whether that's for sex, flirting, cams or chat.

Read our guide on how to register and use Adult Friend Finder and have your questions answered.

Registration and Getting Started (what you first see)

The first thing you find at Adult Friend Finder is the registration form, and you need to complete that to move forward. It doesn't take long, but you must fill out all the boxes. After a couple of stages, you submit your registration, and receive a verification email within a minute. With that clicked, you can then explore further. Here’s how it works.

Step one

Make sure you complete all of the first box, else you will find an error after filling out the second, and will have to start again. This is what you are asked in the first box.

  • Gender: Yes.
  • Register as a couple: Yes, you can register as a couple if you want.
  • Looking for: Yes, you say who you are looking for. Male, Female, Couple.
  • Birth date: Enter your date of birth.
  • Country/Location: You must fill this out.
  • State: Yes.
  • Closest City: Yes.

Step two

  • Email address: Yes.
  • Chose a username: Yes.
  • Create Password: Yes.
  • Written introduction: Write over 100 characters or you can't continue. You can change this text later.
  • Activation email/link: Quick response. Takes only a minute to arrive.
  • Consent to data (European users): If in Europe, you must consent to the GDPR compliance as on most websites.

How To set up Your Profile at Adult Friend Finder.

Once registered, you can enter the profile area beneath your username and fill out as much or as little as you like. Obviously, the more you put in, the more responses you will get, and your searches will be more accurate. Upload a profile photo, and you will get even more interest. Here is what you find in the drop-down beneath your Adult Friend Finder username.

  • View profile: It’s easy to view your profile, and you have the option to let others see it or not.
  • My Account link: Yes.
  • Upgrade now: Yes.
  • What to show on the site: You can choose to see no nudity, some nudity or everything.
  • Other links under your profile: Help centre, Contact, Log out.

Profile details and what you can add.

Click to your profile page, and you have the option to add several details. These include ‘member since’ date, what you are looking for, date of birth, location etc. You can list your kinks, your compatibility details (i.e. what body type your preferred partner would have), bling (see below), and you can manage your top fans.

  • Add photo: Yes.
  • Complete profile options: Yes, and it’s easy.
  • See your list of friends: Yes.


Adult Friend Finder has a thing called bling, which are small icons that show your personality. You can add these, or have them sent as gifts, and there is a bling/icon creator so you can get inventive. Like your profile pic, if you have a bling, you will likely get more responses.

Does Adult Friend Finder have Many Members, Photos and Videos?

Right now, Adult Friend Finder tells us it has 3,667,558 'connections.' Not all the profiles are real, though, and the site has been criticized for allowing bots and fake profiles (probably unwittingly). Sometimes you get a redirect to another site, and the girl or guy of your dreams is no longer a member, but their profile remains. It's fair to say, though, that new people are joining all the time. Along with profiles come some photos and videos, and although it's impossible to say exactly how many, the site claims to hold over 98 million photos.

  • Registered members: Over 3.6 million.
  • Photos: Over 98.8 million individual pics.
  • Videos: Yes.
  • Can I add photos: Yes.
  • Can I add videos: Yes.
  • Set privacy preferences: Yes.
  • Search: Who’s online, new matches, members near you, VIP members, advanced search, kink search, username search.
  • Members’ webcams: Yes.
  • Chat rooms: Yes.
  • Community extras: Blogs, groups, magazine, bling, sex academy, contests, erotic stories.
  • Top lists and what’s hot: Yes.
  • Instant messenger: Yes.
  • Stream live cam: Yes.

The Adult Friend Finder Community

Adult Friend Finder goes beyond dating and hooking up with its community area. There, you can join groups of like-minded people, read erotic stories and the magazine, and read other members’ blogs. You can also contribute, and much of what you see in the community area is free and required no upgrade.

How Easy is it to Search Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder was probably the original hook-up site, and over its 25 + years, its interface has developed to be one of the most functional of all similar sites. Other members are presented in square thumbnails with basic details, and the main page shows you who's new, who is near you and who is a VIP member. Among the many interactive functions, you find a messaging service, profile creation, and places where you can add or view photos and videos. Here are all the details.


You have many search options, including:

  • Filters for:
  • Find a…: Gender, man, woman, trans, couples.
  • Who is looking for a…: Man, woman, couples etc.
  • Age: You select the age range.
  • Location/distance: Yes.
  • Online members: Yes.
  • Instant message: Yes.
  • Only with photos: Yes.
  • Only with videos: Yes.
  • Verified/confirmed members: Yes.
  • Premium members: Yes.
  • Save search criteria: Yes.
  • Search by username: Yes.

Results Display

Your search results are displayed in thumbnails, and you can change the layout. However, you can't see detailed profile pages or content until you have upgraded.

  • Thumbnails: Yes.
  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Change view: Yes.
  • Filters: Yes.
  • Roll-over pop-up info: Yes. The po-ups give you the members’ basic profile details: Name, location, number of photos, when joined etc.

What are the Main Areas of Adult Friend Finder?

Looking along the top menu, you find the main areas of Adult Friend finder, and these have drop-down lists for further exploration.

  • Messages: Icon.
  • Notifications: Icon.
  • Link to profile: Yes, and to your uploaded content and other ‘stuff.’
  • Search: Yes.
  • Live Action: Members’ webcams and chat rooms.
  • Community: Yes.
  • What’s Hot: The hottest content and members.

What Nifty Extra Features does Adult Friend Finder Provide?

Around all these interactive functions are various other nifty extras and links. The most important of these is your own information, as that is what will attract other members and bring you more content. Here’s what you can choose to have displayed:

Displayed info

  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Number of friends: Yes.
  • Number of photos: Yes.
  • Interested in: Yes.
  • Joined: Yes.
  • Message: Yes.
  • Flirt: Yes.
  • Add friend: Yes.
  • Hotlist: Yes.
  • Tips: Yes.
  • View full profile: Yes.

Is Adult Friend Finder Free to Join?

Although registration is free, you only get the very basic service unless you take the Adult Friend Finder VIP membership. The best value membership is the 12-month gold at $14.95 per month, charged in one annual instalment of $179.40. Or, you can have a shorter-term recurring membership at $59.85 for three months or $27.95 for one month. They are all automatically recurring. Prices, currencies, and what packages are available may differ by country. Here’s how it all works.

Membership packages

  • Option one: One month Gold (€19.95)
  • Option two: Three-month Gold (€38.85 per quarter)
  • Additional fees: If you want free members to be able to see your profile.


  • Credit Card: Yes.
  • PayPal: No.
  • Crypto: No.

Is Adult Friend Finder a Safe Dating site for Privacy?

Adult Friend Finder has both a privacy policy and a cookies policy. European users must consent to the standard data consent form, and I've not read of any privacy breaches. The privacy policy is comprehensive, and if you have any questions, there is a help centre.

Help & Support

  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • Terms of use: Yes.
  • USC 2577: Yes.
  • Feedback: Yes.
  • Contact form: Yes.
  • Help: Yes.
  • Site language selection: Yes. The site is available in 11 languages.
  • Corporate info: Yes.

What’s the Bottom Line at Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder remains the most popular, free hook-up and chat site on the web, but it is not without its issues, and only the basics are free. To get the best out of the site, you will need to pay. However, the membership prices are fair, and the site has one of the most interactive and fun interfaces of all dating sites. Whether you're a guy looking for girls or guys, or a girl looking for guys or whatever you want, Adult Friend Finder is the place to go to check out who is near you. Its various functions make finding your perfect mate simple, but hooking that mate is up to you.

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