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Aimed at kinky people
Free to join
Lots of community features
A large community


A few fake profiles
Adverts inside member's area
Upgrade needed to see videos and photos

#1 in Fetish#1 in BDSM#6 in Dating

What is is a widely used and very interactive dating site that seeks to put you in touch with other singles and couples around the world, or right next door. Unlike most dating sites, this one is designed for girls and guys into BDSM and other fetish action, so it is one of the few online specialised dating sites. Registration is free, and you can upgrade to get even more out of the stunning dating site that is

Registration and Getting Started (what you first see)

Although the first thing you will see at is the sign-up form, you can browse the site and see the main pages before registering. You won't be able to see the details until you've started a free membership, though, so it’s best to register before you start looking around. It’s 100% free and a very simple five-step process. Here’s what you can expect.

Step one

A simple form with only a few things to tick.

  • Gender: Yes.
  • Register as a couple: No.
  • Looking for: Man, woman, couples, trans.

Step two

  • Birth date: Yes.
  • Country/Location: Yes.
  • State: Yes.
  • Closest City: Yes.

Step three

  • Email address: Yes.
  • Create a username: Yes.
  • Create Password: Yes.

Step four

All of these questions have a ‘prefer not to say’ option, so you can leave them, carry on and come back to them later.

  • Sexual orientation: Straight, gay/lesbian, bi-curious, bisexual.
  • Body Type. From ‘ample’ to slim/petite.
  • Race.
  • Marital status.
  • Role.

Step five

Introduction title: You must write at least 10 characters. Written introduction: Optional. Activation email/link: An email link is sent to your email address to validate your membership. This should take less than a minute to come to you. Click the link to return to the site. Consent to data (European users): You will see this next if you are in a European Union country. Agree and continue to the full, free site.

How To set up your Profile at

The next thing to do, once registered, is to expand your profile. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Tempting though it is to run searches for other members, if you've not got a detailed profile, the system won't know who to match you with. So, head to the links beneath the main menu where it says ‘Get 10 X more action’ and click the link to upload your profile photo, then come back and click over to your edit profile pages. These are very detailed.

Main profile details and what you can add:

Click to your profile page, and you have the option to add many details. These include:

  • Want to Meet: Man, woman, couples, groups, etc.
  • Introduction title: You will have already entered one, but you can change it here.
  • Tell others about yourself: The site gives you ideas of what to write.
  • Your ideal person: Who you are looking for.
  • Update and carry on.

Other details

A lefthand list gives you these additional and optional options. Some of the links open new pages and the left menu vanishes, but once you've edited the page, you can return to the main profile setup page and carry on.

  • Profile location: Where you are, where you are willing to travel to, where you grew up.
  • Physical information: This covers everything from your date of birth to whether you are circumcised or not.
  • Personal information: There are many options here from religion and education to languages (a choice of 13) and on to your private content details like ICQ and Messenger.
  • Additional Questions: This has a further expandable menu so you can talk about your goals, the scene you’re into, how you like to play, and BDSM fundamentals.
  • Personality Type: A long survey you can complete to say more about your personality.
  • Purity test: Are you a sexual prude or a full-blown hedonist? Take the survey to find out, while also telling other members more about yourself.
  • Add/Manage photos: As it says, add and manage your photo uploads.
  • Manage videos: The same with video clips; you can add your own.
  • My Kinks: Another very long list of options to click or ignore, depending on how much detail you want others to know.
  • Get confirm ID: You’ll be redirected to a page where you can earn 500 points by confirming your ID with official documentation. This is optional.

Does have many Members, Photos and Videos?

At the last count, had 887,848 registered members showing over 250,000 videos and 2,920 live webcasts. also comes with basic dating site functions, so here are some of your questions answered.

  • Registered members: Yes, over 887,848.
  • Photos: Yes.
  • Videos: Yes, over 250,000.
  • Can I add photos: Yes.
  • Can I add videos: Yes.
  • Set privacy preferences: You can set hundreds of preferences.
  • Search: Yes.
  • Members’ webcams: There are 2,920 live webcasts right now.
  • Chat rooms: Not as such, but there are groups to join.
  • Community extras: Blogs, groups, magazine and Bling.
  • Instant messenger: Yes. You can message other members and message while viewing their live webcams, so that’s probably the fastest way to communicate.
  • Stream live cam: Yes.


Bling is what calls its personalised icons. You can create one, or send one to other members as a gift, and the system has plenty of help and tools to help you put one together. These are like little banners you can add to your profile to get more attention.

How Easy is it to Search

It’s very easy to search at You can see who is online, you can run a match search to fit yourself up against someone looking for someone just like you, or you can just browse and see profiles. Search results are more or less instantaneous, but remember, the more you’ve put into your profile, the more you'll get out of your searches. There are many filters and various ways to find other members, so here’s the list:

Basic Filters: Who’s online, who’s on IM, new matches, new members near me, VIP members, not or not (new), advanced search, kink search, browse, search by username.

General Filters:

  • Find a…: Man, woman, couples, groups, trans.
  • Who is looking for a…: Man, woman, couples, groups, trans.
  • Age: yes, you set the age range.
  • Location/distance: Yes.
  • Join date: Yes.
  • Online members: Yes.
  • Instant message: Yes.
  • Only with photos: Yes.
  • Only with videos: Yes.
  • Verified/confirmed members: Yes.
  • Premium members: Yes.
  • Save search criteria: Yes.
  • Search by username: Yes.

Results Display

  • Thumbnails: Yes.
  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Change view: Yes.
  • Filters: Yes, in the side menu.
  • Roll-over pop-up info: Yes, but to see the photos and videos, you will have to upgrade to a silver or gold membership (see below).

What are the Main Areas of

Along the top menu, you will see your account area and profile edit section, and in the second, main menu, you will find:

  • Messages: Yes.
  • Notifications: Yes.
  • Link to profile: Yes.
  • My Stuff: Your profile, who’s seen you, your top fans, and many other details.
  • Search: As outlined in our search section above.
  • Live Action: The members who are live on cam, and links to other cam sites.
  • Community: For the blogs and groups, etc.
  • What’s Hot: Top lists.

What Nifty Extra Features does Provide?

The nifty extras you get with that you don't often find on dating sites include the members’ blogs and the groups. There’s also the live cam casting and the instant messaging, the very detailed profile setup, and the excellent search engine. You have all the good and standard browse tools at and a lot more.

Displayed profile info

You can check how your profile looks by heading to your username and the ‘view profile’ link. This is what your page displays:

  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Headline and info: Yes. Basically, your profile shows everything you wrote when you edited your profile info.
  • Number of friends: No, but it shows your top fans and who you are a fan of.
  • Number of photos: Yes.
  • Number of videos. Yes.
  • Interested in: Yes.
  • Joined: Yes, and when you last visited.
  • Message: In top menu.
  • Your questions and answers: Yes, from the surveys.
  • Your blog: Yes, if you have one.

Is Free to Join?

Now, here’s the thing. Much of what you’ve seen and added at so far is free to view, but you can’t actually get into the details and see members’ videos and photos unless you pay. Assuming you use the site to find genuine hookups and friends, then paying to upgrade is worth it, and the prices compare favourably to the costs of other dating sites, but here, you are at a more specific site, because it’s aimed at those into BDSM, and unlike many dating sites, is specialised. Therefore, it is, again, worth paying to get the most out of the service.

Note: Your Gold or Silver plan gets you unlimited access to all members. But, free members can't initiate contact with you or view your profile.

Membership packages

You will find the upgrade link in the drop-down under your username. There are two packages and some additional add-ons that let you enhance the features you get with the silver and gold memberships. My prices showed in Euros, and the prices given here may vary according to your local currency.

Option one: The Silver Package:

  • €21.09 per month (Approx. $22.95)
  • €38.08 per quarter (Approx. $41.35)

With this you can:

  • View and Contact members.
  • Show up after Gold members in searches.
  • Be the first to contact new members.
  • Access members' live and recorded video intros.
  • Partial access to blogs, groups, and magazine features.
  • Friendly 24/7 phone support.

Option two: The Gold Package

  • €31.66 per month (Approx. $34.41)
  • €63.40 per quarter (Approx. $68.95)

With this you can:

  • View and Contact members.
  • Show up at the very TOP in searches.
  • Be the first to contact new members.
  • Get FULL access to members' live and recorded video intros.
  • FULL access to blogs, groups, and magazine features.
  • Friendly 24/7 phone support.
  • Access to extra-large photos.


  • Credit Card: Yes.
  • PayPal: No.
  • Crypto: No.
  • Direct debit: Yes.
  • Check/Money order: Yes.

Is a Safe Dating site for Privacy?

Yes. has a clear privacy policy, a cookie policy, and clear terms and conditions. You can find all this kind of information from the links at the bottom of the pages.

Help & Support

  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • Terms of use: Yes.
  • USC 2577: Yes.
  • Feedback: Yes.
  • Contact form: Yes, and a helpline phone number.
  • Help: Yes. Detailed.
  • Site language selection: No.
  • Corporate info: Yes.

What’s the Bottom Line at so the best online dating and community site for everyone looking to meet new friends who are into the BDSM scene and other fetishes. It lets you get extremely detailed with the information you provide, and has loads of free elements. However, to get the best from it, you will need to sign up for one of the packages. These, however, are well-priced and compare favourably to other dating sites, and yet, you know you’re joining a group of thousands of other BDSM fans and fetishists, so you're only going to find genuine hookups. You get out as much as you put in, and because the basics are 100% free, you've got nothing to lose from starting a free membership to the world’s largest BDSM & fetish community chat and dating site.

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