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Focused on sex
Easy to join
Great privacy features


No mobile app
Limited free viewing

#5 in Dating

What is No Strings Attached?

No Strings Attached offers discreet affairs, marital affairs, dating and cam-to-cam sessions with no strings. As the name suggests, this is all about finding romantic and passionate sex with no complications, and it’s a free-to-join and easy-to-use dating site that puts you in touch with others who are simply after a good time right now. You can register for a free account and have a thorough browse of the millions of users, but to get the most out of the site, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership, and prices are reasonable. Here is everything you need to know about No Strings Attached.

Registration and Getting Started (what you first see)

As with many dating sites, you have to start with registration, and that means filling out a form before you can get past the first page.

Step one

Here’s what the form asks you on page one. By completing it, and starting the free membership, you are certifying you are 18+ and have agreed to the terms and conditions.

  • Username: Yes, you create your own username.
  • Gender: Yes. You’re asked to select if you are an attached male/female or a single male/female.
  • Register as a couple: No, the site is for singles.
  • Looking for: Yes.
  • Email address. Yes. A verification link is sent to this email address.
  • Birth date: No.
  • Country/Location: No.
  • State: No.
  • Closest City: No.

Step two

After completing the form, you will be sent a verification email and a password, and this arrives within a minute. Click the link in the email, and you come to the data consent form (for European users). Check the box and continue. Next, you fill out a second form, adding some more details. It is best to enter something for each box, otherwise you may have to go back and start again.

  • You are looking for: A short-term relationship. Virtual encounters.
  • Country. Enter your country.
  • State. Enter your state or region.
  • Closest city: Must be entered.
  • Birthday. Obligatory.
  • Race: Various options, including ‘prefer not to say.’
  • Body type: Various options, including ‘prefer not to say.’

Step Three

The next form asks for a few more details.

Height: Various options, including ‘prefer not to say.’ Endowment: Various options, including ‘prefer not to say.’ Your headline: Required. A short heading for your profile. Describe yourself: Required. Some words about you. The site has tips for what’s best to write.

After You Have Registered at No Strings Attached

Having completed the first three short forms, you will come to a page advertising the VIP membership. As with all dating sites, the more you put in the more you will get out, and becoming a VIP member will give you more options, and more chances for a quickie. The prices are set out below, but you can also skip through this section and browse what’s available, though you may not get very far until you become a VIP member.

As a basic/free member

There are many options open to you as a free member, but you can't go all the way and actually swap messages. Nor can you see girls’ and guys’ profiles without becoming a VIP, you can only see their icons. Similarly, to see members’ content, you will have to become a paid member. Here are a few more details.

View profile: Yes, and there are many fields to complete if you want to make your profile more detailed. You can also add photos and videos in the profile area. My Account: Your account page tells you how complete your profile is, lets you edit details and change your password, manage your preferences and self-submitted content, and holds details of any subscriptions, billing and payments. Upgrade now: Yes, there is an upgrade icon in the main menu.

Profile details and what you can add:

Click to your profile page, and you have the option to add several details. These include:

  • Add photo: Yes.
  • Add videos: Yes.
  • Complete profile options: Basic info, location, physical info, lifestyle info, your match preferences.
  • Broadcast webcam option: Yes.
  • Record a video: Yes.
  • See members’ profile pages: No.
  • See members’ content: No. (You can see small thumbnails.)
  • Send messages: No.

Does No Strings Attached have many Members, Photos and Videos?

At the last count, there were over 3.5 million registered users at No Strings Attached. How many you find when you join and search depends on a few things, such as where you are, what you're looking for, and what others are looking for. So, the number of matches you get returned after a search will vary, and the site will say ‘More than 1,000 matching members.’ That’s why it’s best to provide a detailed profile; you will get fewer but more appropriate search responses.

Each member can upload their own photos and videos, and with over 3.5 million like-minded folks online, there are going to be millions of images and short clips to view, once you are a paid-up VIP member.

Can I search for videos?

Yes, and for photos. No Strings Attached has a comprehensive search function that shows you videos from the last day, week or month, and you can search for members who have videos and photos. As for the number of swingers showing themselves naked, there were over 79,000 added in the last month alone.

Some more questions answered

There are lots of things you can do at No Strings Attached, and the following will answer some more of your questions.

  • Registered members: Millions.
  • Photos: Yes.
  • Videos: Yes.
  • Can I add photos: Yes.
  • Can I add videos: Yes.
  • Set privacy preferences: Yes, under your account, where you can set profile page preferences for visibility and anonymity.
  • Search: Yes, there is a powerful search engine.
  • Members’ webcams: Yes, you can self-broadcast.
  • Chat rooms: No.
  • Community extras: There is no ‘community’ area as there is on other dating sites. I.e., no members’ blogs, stories or chat.
  • Instant messenger: A message service, but how fast it is depends on the other person messaging back; it’s done by email through the system, rather than a live chat box.
  • Stream live cam: Yes.

How Easy is it to Search No Strings Attached?

The search function is an easy one at No Strings Attached. Although the site looks basic in terms of design, all technical elements work just fine, and you can be detailed in your searching. Some features may not be available until you are a VIP member.


Start with the ‘Find Members’ menu item and you have the following filters to refine your search for:

  • Gender: Man/woman.
  • Relationship status: Attached/single.
  • Interested in: Short-term relationship or virtual encounters.
  • Age: You set the age range.
  • Location/distance: Within X kilometres of your location.
  • Online members: No.
  • Instant message: Via email.
  • Only with photos: No.
  • Only with videos: No.
  • Verified/confirmed members: No.
  • Premium members: No.
  • Search by username: Yes.
  • Saved searches: Yes. (VIP members only.)

Results Display

When your search results are shown on index pages, you can send that member a flirt or put them on your hot list.

  • Thumbnails: Yes.
  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Change view: No.
  • Filters: No.
  • Roll-over pop-up info: Yes. Shows start of profile text, thumbnails of any uploaded images and videos, location and ‘looking for…’

What are the Main Areas of No Strings Attached?

There is a menu at the very top of the main pages at No Strings Attached, and this takes you to your profile, account, favourites, help, cheating tips (a page of handy tips for how to make the most out of your time on the site), the language options where you can change the site language, the logout button and a content filter.

Beneath the site title is another menu, and there, you will see:

  • Home: This has your basic stats, a random list of members who match your profile, your membership options, and the upgrade button.
  • Find Members: The search page.
  • Find Video: To search for members with videos.
  • Upload: Where you can upload your own content, record a video and broadcast live (VIP members only).
  • Private Network. Where VIP members can set up private networking contacts.
  • Inbox: For messages.
  • Hotlist: For those members you have added, and those who have added you.
  • Views: VIP members can see who has viewed them.
  • Flirts: You can see who you’ve flirted with and who has flirted with you.

What Nifty Extra Features does No Strings Attached Provide?

No Strings Attached is not as glitzy as some more well-known dating sites, and its display is a simple one. However, it still carries fine details and has plenty of extra info lines. These, though, are mainly open only to paid-up, VIP members.

Displayed profile info

  • Name: Username.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Number of friends: Yes.
  • Number of photos: Yes.
  • Interested in: Yes.
  • Joined: No.
  • Message: Your tagline and other text you have added.
  • Flirt: Yes.
  • Add friend: Yes.
  • Hotlist: Yes.
  • Tips: No.
  • View full profile: Yes.

Is No Strings Attached Free to Join?

You start your adventure at No Strings Attached for free, but your experience will be limited. After you've registered, you come to the VIP page and the prices. You can skip these and browse before you commit to paying for VIP membership, and the page tells you what you will be able to do once you've paid: Contact members, view all profiles, watch members’ videos and view members’ photos.

Membership packages

My prices showed in Euros, and the prices stated here may vary according to your country and currency, so use them as a guide only.

  • One month: €27.59 recurring. (Approx. $29.95)
  • Option two: €55.23 per quarter recurring. (Approx. $59.95)


  • Credit Card: Yes.
  • PayPal: No.
  • Crypto: No.
  • Electronic check (ACH): Yes.
  • Check/money order: Yes.

Is No Strings Attached a Safe Dating Site for Privacy?

Yes. No Strings Attached has a detailed privacy policy page and a cookies policy. I've not heard of any data breaches for this site, and there is a help centre should you need it.

Help & Support

The help page gives you a list of FAQ and a simple online email form.

  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • Terms of use: Yes.
  • USC 2577: Yes.
  • Feedback: Yes.
  • Contact form: Yes.
  • Help: Yes.
  • Site language selection: Yes. Eight European languages and four Asian languages.
  • Corporate info: Yes.

Another thing to note is that there is very little off-site advertising.

What’s the Bottom Line at No Strings Attached?

The bottom line here is that, after 13 years online, No Strings Attached knows what it is doing. As a free site, it’s rather limited in what you can use it for, but as a VIP member, you will be able to contact thousands of girls and guys near you who are looking for quick sex or a casual affair. You can add as much detail as you like, see and swap photos and videos, and even use the site to go cam-to-cam for instant cam sex. It looks basic, but it holds all the necessary interactive functions for swingers to get with someone right now. Although you will have to upgrade to VIP status to do this, it looks to be well worth it.

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