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Specific location search
Classified ads
Free sexy pics


Requires browser translation
No dates of posting on blog
Not sure how well attended it is
Different interface once registered

#11 in Dating

What is Libertinade?

Check out Libertinade, and you will see it is written entirely in French. If you don’t speak the language, no problem. I was able to set my browser to translate and found a very reasonable translation of every single page. What you're looking at here is a dating, hook-up and amateur share site all in one, and it seems to focus on France. This means you find a horny collection of a wide range of French and European girls all keen to show off their bodies and possibly meet up with you. We're not sure how up-to-date it is as it doesn't post upload dates, but there’s plenty of free porn to see, though not hardcore, and it’s an easy to site to use. Its main strength, though, is its uniqueness.

Registration and Getting Started (what you first see)

You’ll need to check the ‘adults only’ box that you will encounter as soon as you head to Libertinade, and it’s the button on the left. Then, a new tab opens with a third-party site, but just get rid of that, and head back to Libertinade. Right click and ‘translate this page’ if you can and need to, and you can get started. The registration link is in the top menu, and the process is this:

  • Get access.
  • Do you agree to remain discreet?
  • Are you looking for discreet plans?
  • Activate geolocation and find women near you.
  • Could you sleep with a woman in a relationship?
  • Your age.
  • Are you a party type?
  • Do you like Asian women?
  • Do you like Latin women?
  • Do you like black women?

Then, you'll get a result. I had no matches, but apparently, 79% of the women on the site would like me. After this news, I was able to enter my email address, location, add a photo (optional), phone number (optional), and finally came to the subscription page (see below). At this stage, verify your email address via the email the site has sent you, and you can create a password. After that, things start to look different.

You will see pop-up messages of girls wanting to chat with you, a swipe system to browse (the site seems better suited for phones) and links to the upgrade. There’s also a mailbox to check out, help and FAQ, and some search engines, but Libertinade doesn't run like your classic dating site.

How To set up your Profile at Libertinade.

What you see once registered is not what you see before registering, and things are driven by icons. Use the central round, profile pic icon to upload a photo and add more to your profile in stages. I found the profile quite basic.

  • View profile: Yes.
  • My Account: Yes.
  • Upgrade now: Yes.
  • What to show on the site: Yes. Name, age, location and star sign seemed to be it.

Does Libertinade have many Members, Photos and Videos?

The downer at Libertinade was the lack of dates on posts. I’m not able to say how often a new girl might post, or how often the blog gets added to, and I didn't find any dates on any content. Similarly, it’s not possible to say exactly how many naughty pictures there are, as there is no area solely for images. I can say that I didn't see any videos, but I can also say, the list of girls by town/city comes with numbers. So, for example, when I was browsing, there were 75 girls from Paris, 87 in Limoges, and 80 in Amiens. That’s a handy thing to know if you are travelling through the country and don't fancy being on your own for the night.

Once you’re registered, your new dashboard gives you a link to profiles with photos, and there, you have a swipe list of profile pics, and you can click these to see the larger image. You have to pay to see private pics. Other search options in this new dashboard are:


  • New snaps. (Members’ face pics.)
  • Swipes. Members, but you need to say how hot you are first.
  • Close to home. A search based on your location.
  • Profiles viewed.
  • My Selection. Your favourite members, once you've added some.
  • Latest connections. Who was most recently online.
  • Private photo access. Paid members only.
  • Newest members.
  • Profiles with photos.


Here, you can check up on how many hits your snaps have had, see anyone who has given you a like, find your matches, and see who has viewed your profile. Some of these options are only open to paid members.


This last section of your left-hand, collapsible menu takes you off to various, more standard, dating sites.

How Easy is it to Search Libertinade?

It took me a while to work out how the searching worked, but there are some filters you can use:

  • Profile with/without photos.
  • Registration date.
  • Gender: Female or couple.
  • City.
  • Distance: On a slider.
  • Age: On a slider.
  • Height: on a slider.

Results Display

Your results are shown in a slider of small profile images, and some information.

  • Thumbnails: No. (Profile disc.)
  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Age: Yes.
  • Change view: No.
  • Roll-over pop-up info: No, but click the profile image to see a ‘snap.’

What are the Main Areas of Libertinade?

Heading back to the original site, where you first landed, you can find four main features before you register.

  • Firstly, it’s a meeting place, so you have classifieds where women post selfies. They are sometimes naked, sometimes in skimpy lingerie, and when you click to their advert, you find a full profile and contact details.
  • Then, you have the Meeting by City function where you find a list of places around France where the girls are based. You can also see the number of women per place, click to that place, and find all the profiles.
  • The menu also features a Naughty Pictures area where the submitted images are arranged in categories such as cougars, swingers and nudes.
  • The last main area is the blog which keeps you up to date on who has recently joined. The site also carries top lists and news, who’s online.

Is Libertinade Free to Join?

You can certainly browse the initial site for free, but once you start the registration process and complete it, you end up at the upgrade page, and it looks like you can't go further without parting with some cash. You can, but you need to authenticate your email first, and when you do that, you're sent to finish your profile in the new-look members’ area described above.

Membership packages

I will list these as the site displays them once translated into English.

Bronze €49.94 per month

  • Benefits for a 1-month prepaid commitment
  • Top 10 Placements
  • Access to unlimited Webcam Chat between fans
  • Unlimited message reading
  • Unlimited fan-to-fan messaging
  • 5 contact requests per day
  • Unlimited profile consultation
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 4 photos on your profile

Silver for €31.99 per month, currently reduced from €50.00.

  • Benefits for a 2-month prepaid commitment
  • 20 top placements
  • Access to unlimited Webcam Chat between fans
  • Unlimited message reading
  • Unlimited fan-to-fan messaging
  • 5 contact requests per day
  • Unlimited profile consultation
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 6 photos on your profile
  • Surprise gift worth €74.97

Gold for 32.99 per month, currently down from €55.00

  • Benefits for a 3-month prepaid commitment
  • 30 top placements
  • Access to unlimited webcam chat between members
  • Send unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited text message reading
  • Unlimited contact request
  • Unlimited profile consultation
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 8 photos on your profile
  • Priority validation of your profile
  • Surprise gift worth €107.94

I can't tell you what the surprise gifts are, but I can tell you these subscriptions come with ‘free months’, so I assume those are the gifts.


Credit Card: Yes, Visa and MasterCard only.

Is Libertinade a Safe Dating site for Privacy?

This is hard to say because I wasn't able to find any privacy policy. There is, though, a Help and FAQ section found under the main menu once you are registered. This, like everything else, is in French, and must be translated.

What’s the Bottom Line at Libertinade?

Libertinade is a very specific meet and hook-up site that seems to be mainly aimed at people living in France, French speakers or anyone travelling through the country who wants to hook up with local ladies. It’s not a particularly large setup, but it is a specialised one. It carries some hot pics of amateur girls naked and semi-dressed, it keeps you well informed of new members, and it is free to join. Make sure you have your translate button working and you'll do fine. Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping you viewing and downloading hot pics of naked, naughty French madams in all their amateur glory, while also being able to make and search profiles, get in touch with messages, and in the end, hook up with many European beauties.

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